Recent Before & After Photos

House Fire

Here you have a fire that started somewhere on the outside of the house and traveled fast throughout the whole house. We had to take it all apart down to the st... READ MORE

Pipe Broke under sink

This is a store that had an unfortunate pipe burst under the sink in their bathroom. We had to open up the vent and blow air into it using an air mover and a de... READ MORE

Toilet Overflow

Okay, picture this: You leave your house in the early morning. On your lunch break you decide to come home. As you open the door you hear a dripping noise comin... READ MORE

Horder House Pipe Burst 2015

Here you have a hording house. The pipe breaks on the bottom floor and it takes about 3 days before you realize that it has happened due to seeing it come up on... READ MORE

Water Damage in Woodbury, MN

Water from the sump pump backed up into their basement with a lot of content. After moving all the content that was wet out it dried out nicely. This process to... READ MORE

Mold Damage

Mold damage took over the basement of this house and the homeowner was not happy. After we got in and took care of it the homeowner was amazed! They were so hap... READ MORE

Senior Living Sprinkler Burst Rosemount, MN

Two weeks before Thanksgiving a sprinkler head bursts in the ceiling on the third floor inside a senior living facility at 10pm on a Friday night going all the ... READ MORE

Water Damage gone for too long

Customer was not aware they had water damage until they were moving furniture around in their rooms. They called us right away and we got in there and started m... READ MORE